Memento Mori

by ddb

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Corrèze the deads
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Corrèze the deads Alors que je n'ai pas encore écouté tous les albums de DDB, je sais déjà que celui-ci se classe dans mon top 3. Un grand cru ! Favorite track: Sapience.
Sven B. Schreiber
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Sven B. Schreiber This album is in the collections of both "Some guy" and Willy Vlyminck, which is sort of a quality certificate. With "Memento Mori", the multi-talented percussionist, guitarist, dancer, and composer Robert Woods-LaDue, who spearheads this ambitious avantgarde project "ddb" (Denny Denny Breakfast), created a stunning blend of complex percussion textures and unusual songwriting ideas, which remains thrilling from beginning to end. Favorite track: Pressure Guy.
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Well... welcome to this strange new world. My God, it's been a blue-ass moon. I did not assume that you’d ever show me what’s beneath your mask. But anyways, I rejoice that you're alive. Can your buzzing feed refill my empty bank? I abhor this bullshit need please give me a sweet break. My whisky glows through sombre jazz I heard, and in this one life we get to see the earth. All while Lazaro burns deep in his final sleep. Mr. Second Chance let me tell about you how I’ll be. Would endless life pour into me? I believe in my entity. Swallowing divine, impossibly.
The Curve 03:38
I’ve got to admit I’m scared when death comes I’ll not be scared one lil’ tip on my neck and you’ll see me falling down down to darkness Falling deep into doom. Nothing behind me and nothing forward. Barren ruin, evermore. I have a dream where I’m slowly sliding along a polished curve. See me sliding down to void, a curve with no end, my intimate hell. Falling deep into doom. Nothing behind me and nothing forward. Barren ruin, evermore. obscured sense of consciousness stone of ceaseless cold solitude surrounds me a self with nothing left. In a null colorless atmosphere overpowering silence with insatiable lifelessness I’m a self with nothing left. Falling deep into doom. Nothing behind me and nothing forward. Barren ruin, evermore. I have a dream where I’m slowly sliding along a polished curve. See me sliding down to void, a curve with no end, my personal hell. Falling deep into doom. Nothing behind me and nothing forward. Barren ruin, evermore.
Sapience 04:04
my sweet sapient, my sand supplicant, my hand, sagacious Saint John come speak to me right in my skull, slather your sap on me sweeten my skin, until I shine like a superstar surprise me, become a swan, satisfy myself salir y dejarme atrás some sunny swimmers spawned around me at the shore on saturday the surplus submerged their sadness shouting stupid songs. getting under my skin I sire salient sass-back, soon the singing stops speaking of silence, I am sleeping right now
Sacrifice 03:45
Shot by a cop and bleeding out slowly. my inner organs mushed, my body irreparably mangled. The solemn dance of the end, just visible, A tickle in the corner of my eye. Tears rain down, I dream of the rest and relief that awaits in death. Why am I meant to sacrifice my life’s potential for this empty kill? I crave to fathom the sanity for this, but, I am destroyed too badly, Justice cannot serve me anymore. My slow death allows me to witness the dismissal of the worth of my being, as my consciousness slips away. I know my body will not recover and any pain I feel could only serve the cop who shot me. now I’m left alone to finish this by myself. As my senses null, I am now silent. (With no ability to scream, or talk, or even cry.) My breath slow, my limbs cold, the officers walk away, literally bored with me (I am taking too long to die. ) my eyes close slow. ……. now it comes. I am alone now, as I always was before I was born. The darkness that I left from, now returns to me. void unto void The infinite nothingness merely interrupted by a short struggle on earth, now continues. void unto void...
Blood 05:47
I’m deciding my arm off. It’s nice. This nip is mine to make. As I begin to insist….. Kaleidoscopic bubbles pour from my peels. A parade of prisms protrudes into puddles. Now the pledge is fastened. A Concert.
Pressure Guy 02:53
There is different ways to go down the track, you know. There’s always another way to go. And we’d have never have gotten this far if we’d never grown, But now I’m making it all up as I go. Frogs die peacefully in their sleep. They dream of long, long grass and green greensleeves. Unfortunately this track is fake. But you are too tired you’re falling asleep. Feel the pin now it’s soft and cool The wolf is full and kind of blue. The VHS tape that we had made Can’t recapture the elements on the grave. We toss it all down into the hole And now I can’t control the stars all with my nose. And we’d have never have gotten this far if we’d never grown, But now I’m making it all up as I go. Frogs die peacefully in their sleep. They dream of long long grass and green greensleeves. Unfortunately this track is fake. But you are too tired you’re falling asleep.
The ankhubus... The ankhubus descends into the inner earth. My liver drips with art. Machine screws connect to the construction of a night for convenience. An Axe desires to fall just a void desires to be. Malaydin explains his discrimination to the massing crowd. A riot flouts heedlessly, impassivity is futile. All preoccupied, and all impatient. All in-hived, innate and predatory. Turn around, face-to-face, yourself. Change, change, change, it’s the right thing to do. The distance works against itself for the first time in my life. This is Labora Year. This is where I keep my water, my tools, my machine screws, corrective tissue, tryin’ to keep our eyes looking upward.
Irradiated snow tumbles down upon my tongue tip the powder fades softly away and the drip cools me nice apt Patrick does such competent work all over me alive as usual let me explain you the scene The scene is this exactly: There’s a wheelbarrow full of ice, yea yea yea A dinner fork broken in five places, yea yea yea Patrick on the lawn looking directly at you how do you feel?
hollow inferno scintillating my limb node. take note, my cohort, you are cherished in all the high court will you remain my escort? A cold cavity wanes, an atrium all in flames, spark igniting your vein of lust and pain Amber Protrusions of luminescence within this depression But above all I love the warm emanations near the pocket void Back in the old days Some of my family in Ukraine In my brain I see they, I can even read the old way But all things will pass to decay In my cavity grave, devoured by heat and flames an oxidation of time and love and pain Amber Protrusions of luminescence within this depression But above all I love the warm emanations near the pocket void I fear a glowing hollow, the flat smoke appears although, meditation inferno, remorse code lingo new sparks sent to attack Just dancers in the black
Uneasy 04:29
Cold ammonia smell saturated into thick pockets full of amnesia. I just forgot. Inhale deep pneumonia Inhale deep and breathe out breathe in and exhale pneumatic inspired intake the aspiration a ways away iced tear gas in the empty rooms frozen and nodding awake tears of gas streaming down my empty cheek in unstoppable fire August comes in hard deletes your stuff laggers on about as a ghost month and then goes away without ever being written down. like an idea you don’t remember at all I come from a land where there is no sun It’s dark in the breathless lung on the lake the pneumonia fires surround our boat feeling inspired, we drink ammonia for miles exempt from his dire fate, smiles the reprobate spirits vacate, leaving the body vanquished, vanished, void
The room itself danced in the torch’s light Won’t you dance with me gently so that we can cry tonight ...a bit for all of those that have lived before our life and I can’t wait for Julius to strike the alarm gongs going dong when the time becomes the time. It feels just slow water drizzling down along the ridge of your spine. Salt and sugar thrown in the mixture, and the black pepper that ignites. I’m going to be gone tomorrow on an international flight. Let’s salvage what we’ve got left of the sunlight
Proclaim! Vacuous adieu’s lilting from the demons lips.. bye bye goodbye good bye Union of the evil and the good (good bye goodbye) with the nothingness! The vaporus cancer balloons rise up from the night graves. Smoke pops out from the gold forge in your gold hand. Then the dust around us trembled insignificantly. Evacuation, Exodus, Exit us, All Egressors move through the Out Doors a lost cause, a hopeless case. The Pressley fire takes your life decides your fate Panting like you never have, all the particles of your house deeply inhaled, the smoke from the ground of the home from your alive part. Quick Reminder here that nothing will extinguish these flames. Stomp Your boots burn into ash to ash the dawn of the past rivers and sticks
Dusted Off 01:20
In my hour I’m dust now devoured and covered in lust We can talk boundaries or none of the above. Lately I’ve called up but your off the earth’s crust Time for me to adjust Time for me to adjust Time for me to adjust Time for me to adjust
Marooned 05:44
give me mercy, mercy me. many times, many time, many more I am marooned and I am muzzled as a mummy what if you don’t ever find me? I’m amazed I’m in a maze, all around, monoliths, mounds of mud. In this, muddyness, mossyness, dirty ground, all red and brown musky, murky, I am Maroon For a myriad of misty moons, I am , (will always be) maroon. and imagine me a monk, I reside (ooh)a you can imagine a myth, I’m inside I’m inside your mythos, you decide I’m looking for a mark markings that coincide with a map maps that we just made up make believe imagination I’m looking for the means or magic mode for saving me mainly from myself, high and dry Manifest my move Magnify this magnificent miracle Modulate my mask, and Multiply. Magnificent marbles underneath my moccasin Mocking a sinner.. March across the marble Majestically moving through madness that you likely to mend anew, materialize. Renew modernize it too Metamorphized and modified for you Machinated by Moirai My mortality Such a morbid mentality, morbidly me metabolic mammal Give me mercy many many times and more mostly, I am marooned
Mt. Calling 01:52
When I awoke, I was covered in flames. Burning like a piece of paper. All my mouth was dropped out. all my friends were gone now What god was this in the name of? Walking out to meet you. Trying to believe the view. I am a ghost amongst the ashes the sky asleep and dead Haze crawling the ground, the bones and the heads have all the cars been in crashes? So I try to read it to you the book of mine is closed from your view it’s so natural and tragic Then I continue to walk maybe one day I can talk what do you think that chance is? I walk into the desert dunes to see if I can find him like Jesus Christ, or anyone who’s sacrificed, or lost I’m in the dictionary, an opus, an obituary, I’m trying to get across Sage burning in mouth, and I’m dying in my house and I’m reborn into the chaos stream
Manic Picnic 01:26
oh invisible Sunny… your war was lost on drugs. Well you’re still in a pile, for a while now. Your stuff’s in this briefcase, locked up away. You’ve still got your feelings oh around someplace The End Users will step over you anyway The train keeps on goin’ away (steady upon it’s assured conveyance. holy moly yeah baby that’s what I’m talkin’ about.
The abbess oxidize my room vestal burn my central home away postulant bake away the closest trees appellant make my local damage free supplicant you roast me to the bone all these nuns surround and leave me all alone
solid waste encircles me, apparently in a tiny void at the end of a long tunnel the venom must flow now toxic waste in the gullet I’ll just have one more my thorax acute retracts and I just relax. pulled down from it’s delicate palace join us at the table inhale my halo Cathedric hollows. disappointment and sorrows. full of lust for tomorrow
Cat Document 02:07
I have a bit in my arm that is swollen. And the pain goes into my arm into my armpit when I walk not both of arms swing the boys claws sink into my hand and I reach for my weapon of choice It’s too hot for base jumping. yeah. I am full of connection and empathy Oh today foil hangs outside give me protection I need dry ice cools but not enough.
The Sea of flames was born in the place of the Chicken and the Hawk. a mush of acorns was pulped, mashed all along grapes vines standing strong against wrath Getting the silver out of the dirt Finding the mercury in the earth A Stevenson vacation touched the past A stevenson novel has turned into ash A water bottle idea turned into cash Hot springs boiled away all our flaws and all our pain we were healed for 10 points at the most that was not enough… I’m becoming toast, roasted alive, a burning post Services were dispatched to the host I walk amongst the future ruins At least they would call me human There was at least 10 million downed last night There was fast winds and there was smoke in sight no olvides el poder de la línea fuego quita a la mi patria distribution transformer all kablooey Oya, goddess of the winds Oya, goddess of the fire wine buildings blacked out sky ceilings blacked out Everyone has to vacate everyone has get out toxins released away repellent chemicals stay all of it goes down the drain



The song “Sacrifice” has lyrics that might be found to be offensive to someone who has been involved in police violence. I would also like to avoid some misinterpretations and make sure my intentions are clear with this song. This song is my own personal emotional response to some actual incidents, however it is a work of fiction and it is not describing an actual event. With this song, I am trying to illustrate the horror of being shot and killed by a police officer. These lyrics are a poetic illustration and they are intentionally arranged to be as jarring as possible to emphasize the horror of the incident. The lyrics to this song are not making any direct statement about the issue, but I also want to be clear that I personally support the Black Lives Matter movement and that I am not trying to glorify or promote this type of violence.

All of the ****** Fire songs were made shortly after the Sonoma/Napa complex of fires that were burning in October 2017. These fires killed around 44 people, many of whom were elderly and could not escape the rapidly moving blaze. Similarly to Sacrifice, these songs are all works of fiction. They are poetic illustrations of the horror of the fires and not related to any specific event.

Most of the songs on this album are about death, or the fear of death. I have therefore titled it ‘Memento Mori’. “Remember that you have to die”.


released July 13, 2018

“The Patrick Fire” and “Manic Picnic” features Reuben Moss on Violin
“The Patrick Fire”, “Manic Picnic”, and “Blood” features Max Judelson on Contrabass and Cello.
“The Patrick Fire” features Ina Woods on Vocals.
“Blood” features Sarah Woods-LaDue on Vocals.

All composition, lyrics, and production by Robert Woods-LaDue
Recorded in The Dragon’s Lair.

Thank you to everyone who helped me with this directly and indirectly.


all rights reserved



ddb Bakersfield, California

Percussion and experimental etc. Check out my new project Onkos -->

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