I Do Not Wake Up

by ddb

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Corrèze the deads
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Corrèze the deads L'une des meilleures découvertes de cette année ! Difficile de dire de quoi il s'agit ; la pochette à la rigueur : un oeil de crocodile et une planète ou le tissu vivant d'on ne sait quoi...Idem pour la musique : de la guitare, des percus, des éléments éléctroniques, etc. puis une voix qui sonne britpop...quoi d'autre ? Chacun se fera son idée. Mais ce qui est sûr, c'est que tout ça est terriblement inventif ! Favorite track: Sweet Home Chrome Rose.
Sven B. Schreiber
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Sven B. Schreiber I don't have the faintest idea what kind of object scenery is depicted on the sleeve - but it looks very interesting for sure! I don't have the faintest idea what kind of music genre is recorded on this album - but it sounds very interesting for sure! Robert Woods-LaDue's works are notoriously difficult to pidgeonhole, especially because every album sounds different from all other ones. The only common denominator is, in fact, their uniqueness. And by the way: Of course it's NOT an inconvenience that "I Do Not Wake Up" has a running time of nearly 96 minutes. On the contrary - it's highly appreciated! CDs? I don't need them. My entire collection lives on a single microSDXC card inside my tablet. Favorite track: Sweet Home Supp Delinear.
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Once upon a time, in a mountain full of mines There was a carrier that had wasted all his time. He lived in hole in a hard wood tree. His operation doesn't interest me So without all the facts I didn't have a chance in his seclusion is his bitter hardest stance I could have moved into the comb inside But I would rather see what happens when I stay alive. Polish up your luck and polish gold until you lust for polish polish More until you know your Power and your depth of habit No more sleeping now you have it With you I can see your trail of Madness running back behind you Where you'd leave your lover? I see her in you. A string that you will never hold. There was a time for me when everything was clear Now that time is gone I've climbed another tier I don't how I could not be in love With someone I was always thinking of. Some days are hard and other days are harder still I do not know how everyday is always filled I just wake up and the next one's here There is a fog around my head and it's making my choices unclear* You're leaving me behind. And I don't why You're leaving me behind. Why you can't say why about an anchor mark I can't believe You give research about every week I'm having problems that I can't perceive. I using money and need relief. This is in California and it's free I'm making plans to rise above the rest. You're the one I guess When you're dead, babe, I'll take the rudder. When you're drunk I'll finally get to sail If it's permanent I'll find another If it's temporary I'll be killed.
You We Will Know By Your Deeds
I'm finding a thing. That's what I'm doing now. You'll see. You are a waiter or a waitress. I'm not paying for this meal. I can try one of everything. No tip either. I want to see your dedications to this place. I want to hold the hand of your employer. A boss with hands that were covered in chapels. That were blowing in the wind. Each temple had a louder call than the next. All the stories collected by his arm, and there had sprouted three legs, one for each of the 3 sides of a tale. Our dead ancestors can see what we are seeing now. but circumstances do not favor these crucial beings. I live along side a bellowing ocean. I am saved in the river. All dependencies lie in the sweetly carved land line is the sight of the ocean. I am saved in the river. A gesture of presenting the gift of food at the foot. I am saved in the river. A solid door that is never shut, it will let you pass through. I cannot trust you, I will never give you the door key, I want it open. A thousand people have been looking forward to the time when I give you control. When this occurs you may lock up the door when you want to, if that's what you want to do. You can even burn down the gateway itself if you wanted to, if that's what you want to do. If that's the wish of nature fortune has given you the control, if that's what you want, is that what you want. is this what you want? I don't have a son to speak for in this case. I'm offering the praise of yellow pies that are so close together they touch at the ends. The dark cloak shines like a petal from the bullet. A chrome rose that grows out of the effervescent dreams. They are silk, they are sly, they will give you a taste of the breath of life. They are shrill, they are tall, they will make conformation out of your waking soul. They could make a levitation out of the hard packed silt. They could make a levitation out of anything They could levitate and make some room for us to sing. and I'll sing if I want I would like go back to the first part of this thing. And I can if I want, I think I know now where this is going. And I'll go if want, The contract cuts like a billion phone calls, you can raise a line but it never hashes right. Now gut the glass cup in search for a solid branch of oak, did I get that right? Maybe some your sunshine will prune and polish the remains. It's the taste itself that has given up. An uncommon kamikaze maneuver to sell what's there. Am I getting this right? The guy you put in charge the organization has died. The group is lacking the finer touch to gracefully disassemble itself . Did you know I got that right from the source, the source that imitates the lead we follow. C'mon with us and obey without question. The game is played so well that even you could not get in the way. Nothing stops a headless train. When you stand without, you may be replaced i by the Garden of Eden. Once we have it written down we can forget it again and again. The pen we used extends out from itself like eyes in rain that see through the coldest headache. Inside the stone is a pyramid made of moss that collects up the rain and grows like a hydrogen bomb. I will give you my hat if you will wear it in the rain. The black garden blooms in the air but a sudden settling of my lovers dust creates a skein of canvas. The intuitive carpet bearers trust in the certainty of life as well as death. It's the truth we have all known about. You would not believe me even if I told you.
Looking out from my bedroom window. I see my friend ascending slowly across the stair-like roof tops One after the other, they gradually lead to my third floor window. His eyes are colored entirely white, no pupils or iris to see. When he finally reaches my window, we speak to each other. I ask him what is wrong, and he tells me that it'd be better if I didn't know. I invite him to come him, but he hesitates. I insist that he enter. He nervously checks the time, and agrees but there is much more on is mind. I awake on the train. I can't remember exactly where I'm going, but I think I am trying to get to a job. The train passes several stops, all of them unfamiliar to me. I finally ask someone where the train is right now. I am told by the train man that we are in the foothills. Mountains all around, I am told I'm several days from anywhere I want to go. So I get off of the train I take a lustful look around me. The train is gone. The sun is strong. The grass is tall. The planes are sleeping in the sky. I begin to run toward the hills. Everything surrounds me. Then once again I'm with my friends. My eagle has landed. My bird has flown. The door is left on a hinge. I awake from this dream. I can't remember everything that just happened.
You made a mistake for the last time. You don’t remember what we did to you the first time.
I am walking through a field full of brown grass. The sun is warm and high. The basin is flat and open. I am trying to get to the other side where the foot of the mountain shoots up. I want see what's up there. And what's beyond it. I will try to bury debts in the months of snow ahead. As the miracles find streams they find oceans. Every kingdom has it's rules. Them Use Paper Rules. Oh...To Follow..oh I got myself lifted up for a last look around. There were words stuck to the trees everywhere. I could go, or stay if I wanted to. The decision would come every second although I may reconsider my choice. The past will always be written.
Not 4 Kidz 03:35
I never thought you’d open your mouth. Your purse pulled briefly back to expose your whites. Please go ahead and let it all out. \* Not this place..... I’m walking out It would seem you don’t care Your people don’t understand me I don’t know why I’m here */ I’m going back and forth on like a day to day basis. I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’m not quite ready to arrive at what appears to be that obvious place that I will fit in like a glove although I’m slowly marching forward, I’ve still got long way to go before I’ll get there. I’ve still got a long haul in front of me. If I don’t pick up I don’t know what I’ll do but I swear to God there is calling on all sides of me. I cannot wake up no matter what I do. What should I do?
My legs drift gently to rest. They cling to their petite thrones Emptiness slowly fills my chest A collage is formed and I’m let go. Opportunity slowly bows it’s head Gentle toward the eastern sky The rising night shatters across A dark blue glimmering body Fear encourages me to rest. Cold approaches in great mass My throaght is dry as I look for smoke I return my weapons in shame I’m falling asleep................
Nine Chekere 03:31
I don’t live in a tree I don’t live in a cave I don’t feel like a bird I don’t feel like a wave Fighting when the belly was strong Fighting when the belly was strong I was over my head when I had something good to say Fighting when the belly was strong If I look around you I can see that pieces sometimes.. you leave a trail behind. It’s precious to me.... like stones you find.... they are covered in green.
You bow the tip of your sword toward the breathing hot embers set as teeth. There’s a Cover Charge just to get in and token for passing. When you feel the edge of your arm come in towards the wrist of another You wage war you are in no fine shape to be going out. I’m Maximilian I am inside the center of the super - massive heart beating slowly out data logs. I’ve got no time for Watching the other oracles explain my past.
The Horned Alabama stretched before me in all dimensions. I saw water on the ground near the crossroads: Golden twitch whiskers sitting as still as glass. Polluted Triangles are more permanent than that Behind the drivers stick I am unsaved Standing before the singing skins I am unwashed I am responsible for the results of my effects. I'll work diligently. I will make what I can. “The warriors are all heavy thinkers” The king let go a breath thickened by smoke. The artists are all lost in their stupid ideas alone
Find me a way around this lot. Energy spent is energy lost I see a way to take your things. I keep a log of all my spells. I have a miracle pet, I use a doll. I live in a fortress by myself. I keep a treasure box in my home. You are not invited at all. Cleaning a heart is cleaning a house. I restack the furniture once a day. You can have it tailored to your fit. You can have taste if you want. All of the markers that I know were there. They flickered softly flashing lights Diverting the predators away Burning a whole entire day. The Signs that I'm familiar with will show The ones that I don't care about are gone. The path has been around since I was born The reason it exists is worse than that. With thousands of NEW reasons to abandon hope, and a barrel of hats to wear around. You can decide to remove your decision from public view. I can't wait to get away. I don't care about your health. This is just redundant and it's strong, I'm an irrelevant waste of time Everything you touch will turn to flowers, I will gather them up behind you. You know exactly what you want. You will succeed where I will fail. Every particle of sun that gets in through my iris will make me question decisions and wait for expense.
Market 01 07:38
The day is over over, our time is over. As the arguing men finished up, they joined us already seated at the table. My cup was cradled lovingly at an angle, my beverage dancing loosely against the side of the warm glass. Then you opened your mouth like a bathtub, and an unwashed blackened statement crawled out on the table. You are clearly missing the signal breath, as such this rape made it’s descent upon the tightly honored crown. The steel vanished... a great old tongue would become the common speach of the young I’ve never heard anyone speak with such grace. During my life I’ve seen some that were kissing books.. so many books It never seemed to have meant very much of anything. I have seen some others kissing drums....kissing drums.. .. My thoughts are to become irregular, my memory is getting worse, my spelling resorts to violence. There is a stem of smoke that has punctured you in beautiful belly. Separated like a gate, the fully developed horns divided the mirage. The nightmare of this opens my heart. A new vision of a woman wearing the solid brass gown with a woven woolen ear. As she raised her chin above, The audience stretched their necks and begin to vibrate as the veins in the wall. They are singing a song that you forgot long ago.
Market 02 04:00
He travels by means of threaded twigs. They look like crosses but concealed between lavishly decorated leaves. Every leaf with bold leather straps folded around a central onyx piece. These paltry ferocities do not explain their existence at all. They will remain as they are, stoic angry silences. Their shiny onyx eyes stare blankly in a uniform direction. These soldiers weave their bodies together to form a solid plane. Well aware of the obvious danger, he marked across this demonic stage. A sadistic and sober decision.. and his temperament is retained. He takes in the calmest breath a man can hold. Now the dance must be as light as snow. So that his body does not slip out So many of my family perished here. Nobody will interfere but all will watch. This is the nature of our souls .
Market 03 04:09
It was the middle of the day. The lonely train star whistles us a song in solid time with my nervous heart. as barren as my barren lands. I thought that is what our agreement was. I thought that things had worked out fairly well. You know that I can’t let my cup run dry. Because I am forbidden from public wells. The musk of lost love thickened as day drew on. The work was hard, the tales were true. Those that were already there had not been removed. They still stood solid in their shoes. I screamed out because the day has just started. The Healing Touch had arrived at once to replace my liver. The tall stone legs that hold up this town shivered in the wind. The edges of it’s story were roughed and ripped. The virtuous cure was always more durable than any of the bitter cold columns to which we were accustomed to. And this could not endure for the period that we have allowed. Gracefully telling our butcher, we were ready to receive his gift. Then, at short notice, we were brutally slaughtered by the barren fist. We perished at the foot of the immortal, the shining golden hell. As the life fell out of us, we were swept over by calm and we could let go. Our bodies freeze together and drink the glorious shadow of blood lust.
Market 04 03:36
I come bearing no flag to wave. My love, I cannot bear to waive. Not belonging to myself while within a collection, I find that I am unable to disembark. As familiar as lovers, these limitations hang from my limbs like street lights. I swear to work so hard within my own character to negotiate the obstacles pass through. She glances my left bough softly and threads of awareness flood through the passages in my skin. Woven together to form a husk of unification. Solitude melts away from me to the holy ground but my temperature is consistent. I remember her voltage can break my system . Murdered goats perched on thrones adorned in great shrouds of transparent woolen yarn. The heavy headed novice approaches the yard. I can’t let go, her claws retract, I hold her tight, as she reacts, she kills me to send a message a lasting fullness. an empty death. And now before me, I can finally see a smoking heap of bones placed delicately. inhale calmly. exhale slowly. reserved, and stoic.
Thank you for calling Comcast. I’ve located your address based on the number your calling from. I’ve noticed your location is part of a service interruption. Goodbye.
Please wait. It would take a few moments. Please wait.
Soap makes them sleep. I’m a sleeper. But you’re a whisper inside my arm. You don’t seem to want them, but all they still exist inside. You don’t seem to love them as much as those that are right beside. Well we don’t need your love. We don’t need your love. I’ve lost track of the time, I’ve lost interest in my own design. I have completely forgotten how my initial plans were aligned. Well we don’t need your love. We don’t need your love.
There's no way to counter balance the love at stake When we saw the lights going out, I drowned in a lake I got hit by a car in Miami and I was killed on the spot I was caught trespassing in the south, and for this I know was shot I was mugged by ghost in my dreams after my wallet he took my life. I said the wrong thing in LA, it was there I was stabbed with a knife I would die in Joshua Tree. My soul was drying out on the shelf. I must have fallen to my death in the canyon as I navigated by myself I burned to death in my house in Val Verde, the flames re-engulfed where I sat I died in a plane crash on my way to new york, I could not have foreseen that... forseen that. ------------ I feel pressure on my eyes I feel this in my temples I just stare at where fire used to be burning warm I don't zero on the cost because I can do what I want. I don't zero on the karma as I've seen that it can haunt ----------------------
I see a zillion cars roll by. I don't forgive their intentions this time. I'll forgive when I'm ready to forget. Let me tell you that is not quite yet. I am a victim of the soul that I've grown. I've only reaped from the seeds I've sewn. I don't claim that I am not guilty. I have done as others oh so willfully I acknowledge the fault of the earth. When it shakes it will feel like a birth. I can't relate to the love or the pain. But the feeling must at least be the same. You are pretty and I like your smile. Will you come? you can stay for a while. I don't know why this has taken so long. And even now it almost doesn't belong to me. Everybody get ready for the end. Forget your guns and remember your friends. When you die you will always wan t more. But you will still be taken to the shores. Why are we conscious? How do we exist? Why do know ourselves. Why is it we can think? If we are special than we must not die. We should be granted an additional life. What are the reasons for the will of the soul If someone knows I simply haven't been told. As I grow older I become more cold The eternal life has been presented as gold A warm blanket to forget ourselves in I try to listen the concepts sing I will search on this earth with the rest. And put the limits for my life to the test I believe that for life there's a cost but the only thing I truly know now is that I'm lost What to commit to in this life is a toss up


This album was created between December 2010 and December 2011. The whole thing is about 1 1/2 hour long, so it will not fit on one audio cd.
You would need to put it on your mp3 device, or burn an mp3 cd, or just burn 2 audio CDs. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Track 20 "sweethomemexico" features some of my great friends on vocals:
Geneva Harrison
Lindsey Jones
Doug Stuart
Derek Barber
Eugenia Clark
Sandra Lawson-Ndu


released December 25, 2011


all rights reserved



ddb Bakersfield, California

Percussion and experimental etc. Check out my new project Onkos --> i-voidhangerrecords.bandcamp.com/album/onkos

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