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abandoned ∴ here

by ddb

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The sharks will swim deep tonight. Extra mass forces water over the brim….in rings This fountain hails to you deeply. Like an honored iron bells… sounding aloud for the hour. Which soul will bear the choice. This path must be taken by the walking foot. Once cut this road becomes two Each must decide, but only one may do. By the way….. by the way you move around ……I know exactly what you are …… …I can tell…. Sleep comes to those who have earned it….. ………or any of those who have not had someone take theirs away ………yours away…..
Homunculus 03:09
Luckily she's a genius and all of her delicious is wild I didn't know about a lot of things I sure didn't know that we would collide Waking everyday I find myself looking for somewhere I could rest I did not know about anything I do not know how to be the best. You just got my attention by stealing all my personal stuff I do not know who it would benefit And I've think that you've got enough I would be retarded to ignore what is clearly actual love know that we know what we're gonna do we can begin to behave like adults
Darling Darling, intervene for me, you own the system that could save my dream. Over loneliness I stand, you hold a symbol surely in your hand My Darling, my darling would you plead on my behalf, the constituted road, would be a wound to the overwhelming tide. pulling low, pulling strong, bringing down the pantheon You should hide within the words. Just around where they don’t speak. cloak yourself within the meaning, such that you cannot be seen. Darling Darling, You signify for me a head of neutral strength a place of balance with an overwhelming power, steady in your hands. Darling Darling Darling, You have received what I cannot. You forget what you forgot. I am cursed to remember I am required to retain forever. I won’t let go of you.
into the vague distance…….. sometimes your’re the void sometimes your’re the voice sometimes you don’t have a choice. sometimes you’re with the wind you feel it on your back you know that it will guide you down the right path When the seasons come their here until their done No can escape the living sun My heart is solid gold My lungs are strong to hold my breath while I walk across the stretched bridge stretched like a rainbow across the great sky Why oh why can’t I just fly over the obstacles out where I want to go into the vague distance where I know that you’ve gone the corridors howling my name in a song into the faint pinpoint, the veil lifts from my eyes everything I know will vanish in time. I will walk today I choose to walk away the only way to grow is to change yeah you can ride along You can write a song It’s easy when you leave your intentions aside.
Ina Woods 02:16
Lying softly on the snow was a black spade Many more of us will attest to this I’ve lived my life here as a butler doing orders now my freedom fills me empty The chance to determine where I’ll live until my final day The chance to determine where I’ll process through my true crusade Finding a milestone on the path to my own grave It’s really inconsequential, not to be considered, not worth the price I’ve paid Grandest portion of my ego is spent in the back of the parade gathering blossoms that were dropped in order to elate Minister the audience with lies I made up by myself I can live with this and more, I can live with this softly established on the snow there was a queen black spade Many of us witnessed this, and we have much to say she had more vigor than all of the others that were upon the path they would embody all of her triumph and exist on her behalf
I feel you fading from the source, Your highlighted features graduate in almost perfect security. Your beauty prisms out into the space. You are the Affect of the Wealthier World's Touch on the prominent beauty in Oakland. I feel a slight pressure on my eyes, a slight ping in my temples. I realize that I am following you around for no reason. This world is made for those that beg, shop and control. Every soul in this world lives according to how it was determined that we would be living by now. I have become myself and those that I hate and love. All those I discard as unimportant, are wrapped up in to my soul. I have replicated only what I have seen. I have become nothing more than what has passed before me. What is great to one man or woman today, is useless tomorrow. We have absolutely no control. We are watching a slideshow of our bodies doing all the stuff that we expect it to. I think our minds just clocks. They tick away as I write down the thoughts that come in to my face. Our minds just clocks. They have a certain number of ticks The calling stone beneath me is permanantly forever.
ςςς 02:35
Tester 01:12
τβ1 00:19
τβ2 00:19
τβ3 00:22
τβ4 00:16
SvX1 00:18
SvX2 00:23
SvX3 00:18
SvX4 00:23
SvX5 00:23
SvX6 00:22
SQ Heaven 02:02
msng 00:52
dook lamb 01:38
Busy Love 03:12


You heard me right!!!
These songs have no where to go....no place to call home.. despite..
they are indeed still worthy to my eye,
Nobody to call a friend, no city to sleep in which to rest at night.
These tracks might as well be right here on this internet site.


released June 1, 2013

featured in some capacity on this album:
Matt Hettich
Panic Bomber
Richard Haig
Ellery Royston
Dominique Leone
Alexandra Buschman
Curtis McKinney
Chad McKinney
Sarah Woods
Backwoods Dance Project
Josh Hammock
Heather Hammock
Nick Scapa
Devin Smith
Adam Varner


all rights reserved



ddb Bakersfield, California

Percussion and experimental etc. Check out my new project Onkos --> i-voidhangerrecords.bandcamp.com/album/onkos

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