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Track Name: It's Your Fault ( Part 22 )
[It's your fault part 22]

Changing the clothes will free
challenge your friends to be you
would it be awful to see you
fresh eggs endorse your mind to educate some kind of truth

the fallacy appalling me is happy-happy ogres this time
if you fall a lot of times we'll come and pick you up (you'll be fine)
what does it matter cum doesn't count into who you are
it's the fault of yours asswipe.

I'm over the throb of bodies
use the door knob we'll get married
we'll send it off to college
and by the way you smell it's easy I can tell your mine
Track Name: Find Kevin Out
[find kevin out]

the road is all you've ever known...
as good as any home

you're moving today so far away
but before go, just make sure
It's not fair

And me all I'll ever be....
is someone you'll never need.
Track Name: Learning The Favor of Unaccompanied Fear
Learning The Favor of Unaccompanied Fear

Money cries in a way that turns me off
if you could reach around back and turn me on
I could help I'll be your computer

There's something about the way you charge my card
really gets me movin to the groove
listen girl, I will soothe your crying

icicles are now forming on my brow
it only takes one touch one kiss to crash em down
finally my queen has come to town

we stayed up whisteling all night long
I was happy but I was wrong
there was an underlying fear and there wasn't much talk
all the things that would happen when it really got dark
I'm the one that's going to end up dead
when my gears fall out and I fall in her bed
wind is blowing like a gun to my head
I hope you don't forget the last words that I said

There's been some people sneaking around my house
it would only take one shot one kill to bring me down
I hope before they do I kiss your crown

Lemon fight with a pizza in your socks
don't you come tickle my chicken pocks
if we're lucky we can get off of our rocks

and after all my money runs dry
I'll shoot the predators in their eye
the impossible is after all big disguise
your beauty is the world even as it dies
my kiss on your forehead is the price
I'm waiting for my train to arrive