by Virus Kitten

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Virus Kitten is the collaboration of Bob LaDue and Ellery Royston.
Bob LaDue= Drums and Vocals
Ellery Royston= Harp


released 04 July 2011
Your Mom’s Face’s House Was Built on an Ancient Indian Burial Ground And That’s Why There Are So Many Lost Spirits in Der :)



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Track Name: "I.S.S.S.U.E.S"
I don't want to do it. why? Unfair.... Unfair!!!
Track Name: Keep Our Fithy Ditty Lavender Dry Hands for the Dishing Hampster
Keep Our Fithy Ditty Lavender Dry Hands for the Dishing Hampster
wah wah wah wah wha
Why don't you just consolidate and maybe it won't be such a huge problem..
Welcome to "laundry day".
Every Time I go fishing I just never catch anything. It's not really a problem but it's starting to become a serious problem.
Fishing for compliments is really boring and takes too much hard drive space, but fishing for fish is what hereos do.
Your mom's a hero. She was fishing with all of us last night. It was unbelievable....it...... it..... it...... it..... it....
it..... it.... it......... it........ it.......... it.......... it................ it........... yeah!!!!!
Alright back to the library let's you a pen and some pencils maybe some colored pencils (I mean colored paper.. I mean to say colored paper) maybe some crayons and markers and even a paintbrush and some watercolor you can draw us a picture (actually I don't even think there even is a library) and you can tell us how you feel. But let's get back to the library as soon as possible or else you're in biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii(there not even is a library)iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii(there not even is a library)iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii(there not even is a library)iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii(there not even is a library)iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii(wow)00000000000000000000000(wo
Track Name: Familiar With The Phone Book
re you "Familiar With The Phone Book"?
Track Name: Ready-Ready Music Video Gregarion Jobs
Ready-Ready Music Video Gregarion Jobs
I don't know if I like it...why don't....
Ok "Guitar Solo"
You can't tell me that you didn't even think about it once. I know you think about it sometimes because I........
What? You write what you said VERBATIM and we're going to this into the court. Look...we'll talk about it in the chat rooms ok? Or.....we'll....let's take it outside! And we'll have a little contest... and whoever wins gets to take home a puppy. Look, I promise I'm going to work on this for my next lesson, which is not next week because I'm going to be out of town. Wow there's like a lot of puppies. look at all the puppies! Do you see the puppies? They're all different too!! You'd think they would only have one type for the whole batch but they seem to all be different in some way. But they're all a little, .they kinda.... they.... they don't work very well. They're kind of buggy... I don't like it... They're kind of buggy... I don't know if I like it. What's wrong with this one? Why is it so BAD??? Why is it so..... BORING!!!!! BORING BORING!!!! BORING!!!!!
Track Name: Cupid's Bones and My Loving Cataclysm
"I used to everything being around me."
Track Name: Swollen, and Bitten by the Ghost
You are hiding your arm, beneath a Coach leather bag full of dead bugs.
In the bag are every kind of bug a woman could imagine. Including bees and spiders as well as cockroaches and flies. All of them are dead and screaming for blood. But this will only serve as a distraction to the reason why you are hiding your arm with this bag.
Looks like your arm got swollen. It’s red and it’s puffy.
Looks like your arm got swollen. It’s growing bigger than it should.
Looks like your arm got swollen. It’s making your other arm look smaller.
Looks like your arm got swollen. I’ve never seen an arm get all swole up like that.
Looks like your arm is turning red. I’ve never seen an arm get all swole up like that.
Looks like your hand is turning blue. I’ve never seen an arm get all swole up like that.
Looks like your shoulder is a touch of gold. I’ve never seen an arm get all swole up like that.
Looks like your elbow reaches behind the sky. I’ve never seen an arm get all swole up like that.
Looks like your stretch is beyond the 7 doors. What the hell?
Looks like your unbalanced nature is the future and the past.
Looks like your arm is fading into the light around you.
A blade of grass sprouting from every corner.
Gargoyle’s proctecting your new 7 hearts that sprouting of the bones.
It’s so obvious. You can’t really hide it.
We all know at this point...you can stop hiding that.
You’re probably just allergic to ghosts, it’s not a big deal
Many people have been bitten by ghosts, you’re not the first, and you won’t be the last.
If you’re really worried, you could go see a doctor or something.
Just have a beer it’ll go away it’ll go away by itself
It’s definately not going to get better if you just hide it with a bag full of dead bugs.
You could try singing song. When I’m feeling down if I just sing a happy song I usually feel better right away. Do you want give it a try?
Ok Let’s Sing A Song?
No I was only kidding around.... You’re probably going to die from that bite and there’s nothing that anyone can do it about, except, singing a happy song... that always works. Do you have any idea how much this costs? The label tag says 95$ dollars and 100 Cents.
Track Name: I Don't Trust You With My Expensive Because I Never Have Any Expensive
Track Name: Seen With An Appropriate Formal Context
Let's get "appropriate"
Track Name: Holding Hands with the Umpire as you walk lovely into this good night..
Your foot feels like the Monster's Skin. How did it get that way?
Your Nape did some smooth murder on duty. How did it get that way?
Was it your fault? How did it get that way?
Everyone who touches me automatically gets me pregnant.
This is "as disguised".
Was there a *Signed Lawyer's Note with the meal?
Let's all do "Putting the project together"
Right now it just costs to much money to even be a reasonable request.
I only have 49 erasers
I have about 12 eager listeners.
I have 18 or 19 unused prog band names.
I have like hundreds of attitude problems, that are free of charge and ready to use.
I have 58 Mustard Stashes.
59% were the smushed files we found.
Bottle Neck Jo-Jo
I need at least 3 Para-communities to use for my faith.
There is a lot of pressure to have this resolved as soon as possible.
I slipped on your stupid attitude.
You are the captain's Whistle and you blow like the winds of Samba down that back of teh great Jaguar, On the great Peublos-Peublas Bell Curve.
Bottle Neck Jo-Jo....Eh? Bottle Neck Jo-Jo....Eh? Bottle Neck Jo-Jo....Eh? Bottle Neck Jo-Jo....Eh? Bottle Neck Jo-Jo....Eh? Bottle Neck Jo-Jo....Eh? Bottle Neck Jo-Jo....Eh? Bottle Neck Jo-Jo....Eh? Bottle Neck Jo-Jo....Eh? Bottle Neck Jo-Jo....Eh? Bottle Neck Jo-Jo....Eh?
I drink to detect you at fault, and with lie, during my earnest first and last moments. I am the crying object of every king's capatain. Alice in Wonderland offered me a taste of the Tender Salad. Iced Lettuce began to fall out of my mouth like rain and ice cream; a wicked price for nearly a unmarkable acheivement. Jonathan is the monster. Greg is the army. Magnificent is the gash in the arm of the portfolio. There's usually drums, bass, guitar, 2 guitars; rhythm guitar and lead guitar, keyboards, ;and lead vocals, and backup vocals, there's the percussionist, there is a sound guy there, they have monitors, they have a menu, they have a table for you. Dinner is served. Dinner is on the menu. Murder is on the menu.
Track Name: Ice Cream Sunday
How are you doing today? Oh.. I'm ok I guess. OH yeah? What's the big deal?
Well I've had kind of a rough weekend. This whole month's been kind of crazy to be honest with you. Have you ever tried telling the truth, even when it would kill the person that your NOT telling any truth about? It kind of acts like Barbacued Stable.
ohhhh oohhhhhh You didn't pay for it did you?
Track Name: Yeah, We Know Who Troy Is...He’s Such a Cheap Guy
Senior Jerk alert.
Can I help you?
Hello, little guys. I'm Mr. Perkins, Troy's father.
We know who Troy is. He's such a cheap guy.
Shut up. My Dad's not home, Mr. Perkins.
Is your mommy here?
No sir, actually she's down at the market buying Pampers for all us
Papers, Bill. You can give these papers your father to, uh, read through, and sign......we'll be by to pick them up in the morning.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Brand, what is all that stuff?
It's Dad's business.
But what is it?
I told you, it was Dad's business.
Look at 'em smilin'.
They can't wait until tomorrow when they foreclose on all
the...whatever you call it.
Trash the Goondocks.
When they wreck our house I hope they make it a sandtrap.
And never get their balls out!
You know, I think they made me lose my appetite.
Mikey? Come on, before you catch a real cold.
You seem to be pretty sure of yourself.
The foreclosure is a definite.